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Summer is almost here - Top tips for maintaining the value of your home

14 Nov 2016

By Aidan Young, QVhomevalue Valuer for the QVhomevalue Dunedin newsletter - click here to subscribe

The beginning of daylight savings and a few warmer days over the past few weeks are signs that summer is around the corner. Hello late night BBQ’s and possibly more time for home renovations. Whether you are tackling a total interior refurbishment or catching up on some deferred maintenance items that popped up over winter, now’s the time to undertake those jobs in order to maintain (and possibly increase) the value of your property.

Need a valuation to understand how much value you could be adding to your property? We can sort that out for you – known as a construction valuation, we undertake these for clients who are completing renovations or building a new home, and require a valuation as if the works were completed.  Like a full market valuation we complete a full inspection of the property and gather as much information as possible about the proposed works. The valuation is prepared as if all the works were completed and the report will include a valuation of the property as inspected. The fee will depend on the level of works to be completed, and start from $610 incld. GST. (Prices are based on Dunedin City, prices in other parts of NZ may differ).

If you are thinking about doing some home renovations here are some top tips to maintain the value of your home…

Roll up your sleeves and get the paint brush out! Houses typically need repainting every 10-15 years depending on the materials used during construction. If you have recently painted your home we recommend giving it a clean every year to wash of any dirt that may have accumulated. Doing this keeps your home looking great and you can often spot any maintenance issues before they worsen. Don’t forget to check your gutters for any leaves that have accumulated over the winter.

Get those gardens under control; a well presented home will always have more appeal to home buyers than a property with untidy gardens. Small improvements can go a long way to add to the appeal and outdoor entertainment areas make those summer BBQ’s even better!

Looking for a bigger project? The kitchen and bathrooms are a bigger commitment and often require the involvement of professionals in some capacity. If you are planning on spending a reasonable sum of money be careful not to over capitalise and consider obtaining a construction valuation.

Whatever renovation projects you choose to tackle this summer, enjoy the longer warmer days and we look forward to hearing from you should you need our valuation advice.


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