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SalesDirect upgrade - Searching for a property when creating a sale notice

21 Mar 2016

After the SalesDirect upgrade in April 2016, you will find that screens have been improved to let you complete a range of actions when submitting a sale notice. 
Searching for a property when creating a sale notice will look like this:
New functionality will include:
  • Ability to find one or more properties for your notice and at any time during the creation of that notice.
  • Ability to return multiple records from multiple councils for the same sale notice.
  • All records selected from the search results are listed before submitting to the sale notice.
  • You can still create a blank sale notice when a property is not found or you want to create a notice by hand. 
  • SalesDirect will still contain all of your information including your current contact details and sale notices/history.

The sale notice history functionality has been improved - read more by clicking here.

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