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SalesDirect upgrade - Sale notice history

21 Mar 2016

SalesDirect has been upgraded to be more intuitive and easier to use.  There are a range of new features, including:
  • Improved sale notice history to display the status of main events for your sale notice, including who created or updated the sale notice and the Council delivery details.

These details will be available in a single click from the home page for any sale notice created in the new system.  The enhanced history details will be available for all sale notices created after the upgrade.

  • Improved entering of NZ Post compliant mail addresses.  There will be more fields available, ability to view it, and a mail address will only need to be entered once - even when there are multiple owners for that sale.  
The search function on SalesDirect will also have a few more smarts – click here to read more
If you have any queries please email  
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