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SalesDirect upgrade - Creating a new sale notice

30 Mar 2016

  1. On the home page, click on the New Sale Notice button on the top left corner of the home page:

          2. Search for and select the property.

          3. Click the Go button to start the SalesDirect wizard programme:

         4.  There are tabs across the top of the screen that you need to select and complete the required fields to create a new sale notice. 

         5.  When you have entered all the required information on a tab, click the Confirm button to save the information.  Any compulsory fields that have not had details entered will be highlighted.  
         6.   To complete a sale notice continue entering the information on each tab.  On each tab you need to click Confirm to save the details, and then click on the next tab. 
         7.   On the final tab called Save Notice, you click the Save as a Draft Copy that enables you to come back to it, or save the document as Waiting on Settlement or Settlement Completed or Delete.
The upgraded SalesDirect will make managing sale notices quicker and easier for you, with:
  • a new home page - read more.
  • a new search engine that can find one or more properties for your notice and at any time during the creation of that notice - read more.
  • more detailed sale notice history, such as who created and updated the sale notice - read more.
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