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Media release: More affordable regions continue strong growth

More affordable regions continue strong growth Wednesday 6 March Most of New Zealand’s more affordable, smaller provincial towns continue to see solid value growth, while Auckland is still seeing a slight drop in value levels. The Hawkes Bay region continues to see some of the strongest rates of growth across the country. Lower North Island provincial areas, such as Manawatu, Masterton and Carterton, are also experiencing strong annual growth rates. Dunedin continues to see the strongest value ...



Media release: Hawkes Bay region stands out from the rest

QV Media Release: Hawkes Bay region stands out from the rest   Wednesday 13 February   The Hawkes Bay region is seeing some of the strongest value growth in New Zealand, while many regions experience a slowdown in the rate of growth.   Hastings, in particular, stands out with quarterly growth of 10.8% while Central Hawkes Bay continues to build on a strong annual growth figure of 19.6%.   New Zealand’s main centres such as Dunedin and Wellington are seeing a slight drop in the rate of quarterly...



Media release: Market activity set to bounce back

Market activity set to bounce back Wednesday 16 January There have been no dramatic changes to values over the past month, which is a likely result of the holiday season which generally sees less market buoyancy. At the same time, our qualified property consultants generally anticipate market activity to bounce back in the coming weeks, as the peak holiday period ends and the loosening of the LVR restrictions enable new buyers to enter the market.     The latest QV House Price Index shows natio...



Media Release: Dunedin and Wellington continue to lead the way

Media release  Wednesday 5 December New Zealand’s ‘more affordable’ main centres, particularly Dunedin and the wider Wellington region, continue to show a strong rate of growth in a cooling market. Dunedin, with a relatively affordable entry-level price coupled with attractive premium areas, continues to appeal to a variety of buyers, leading to strong quarterly value growth of 3.8%.   The wider Wellington region, with quarterly growth of 4.0%, continues to see values steadily increase as buyer...



Media Release: Value growth remains modest

Media Release   1 November   Spring has injected energy into the market, with open homes busy across many parts of New Zealand. Despite this pick-up in activity, supply still remains low which is keeping values at or near their current levels.   First home buyers continue to be a major force across many parts of New Zealand, particularly in the more affordable parts of the Wellington and Christchurch regions. At the same time, New Zealand’s high-value areas - those containing properties with an...

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