Our Vision

Our vision is to be the one place people go when they think about property. It is underpinned by three pillars, which are what we identified as being critical to achieving the vision.


It captures our aspirations as an organisation and what we strive to do.

QV Group |Our Vision and Goals

The primary objective of QV is to:

  • Supply high-quality, cost-effective property-related information services to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving property market;
  • Be competitive in the markets in which QV operates;
  • Maintain market leadership in the mass appraisal market;
  • Be recognised as a leader in the commercial property market;
  • Achieve good commercial returns through sound business decision-making;
  • Maintain QV’s commitment to quality systems and processes;
  • Be recognised as a good employer;
  • Provide risk management that ensures ongoing business consistent with meeting the obligations of directors and management and protecting the physical and intellectual assets of the company;
  • Effectively manage the physical environment within which QV operates, to minimise waste and promote environmental sustainability.

To retain our market-leading position; we invest in our people and technology to deliver to our customers needs and deliver better value.