Rural Value

Delivering rural value

Rural Value is a rural property valuation and advisory service tailored to partner with and meet the needs of the rural sector.


We have developed this business in direct response to the changing dynamics of New Zealand’s agricultural industry including increased corporate ownership, scale and production of operations, and a need for innovative processes and technology. As a Quotable Value (QV) business, Rural Value is backed by New Zealand’s largest valuation company, giving you access to leading edge resources and nationwide services.


Rural Value are just that – rural. We have experienced registered valuers and consultants with local knowledge based in Invercargill, Alexandra, Dunedin, Christchurch, New Plymouth and Hamilton.


Call 0800 778 725 or email to get in touch with your nearest Rural Value registered valuer or consultant, or contact one of our teams directly.

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What services do we provide for the NZ rural sector?

• Property valuations
• Property valuations for obtaining finance
• Asset valuations for financial reporting

• Current market estimates

• Dwelling and curtilage assessments

• Insurance valuations
• Taxation/sales apportionments
• Rental assessments
• Lease consultancy & management
• Easements & covenants
• Portfolio valuations and assessments
• Development/Reserve contribution assessments
• Specialist South Island High Country pastoral lease advisory and valuations services

How can Rural Value help you?

Rural Property Valuations

Understand the value of your property, have access to insights and advice to assist you with making your business decisions across a range of rural property:

  • Dairy
  • Pastoral
  • Specialist livestock
  • Viticulture and Horticultural
  • Forestry
  • Lifestyle
  • Rural commercial
  • Residential in rural townships
  • Corporate portfolio valuations
Current Market Estimate

An office-based high level estimate of the value of your rural property, including all buildings, using our valuers' local knowledge and expert information from our nationwide property database.  A current market estimate does not require an inspection.

If you need to:

  • Proportion your farmhouse expenses in relation to the 2017 proposed policy changes announced by Inland Revenue;
  • Disclose a related party transaction for tax purposes;
  • Register for a GST number;

then a current market estimate will suit your needs, with less time and expense than other types of more comprehensive valuations.  Call ruralvalue on 0800 778 725 to request a current market estimate or fill out the online form and select Current Market Estimate.

Dwelling and Curtilage Assessment

If your property combines residential use with a range of different farm uses, a dwelling and curtilage assessment can assist you with apportioning values for each of these elements.  Dwelling and curtilage assessments apportion the residential component (exempt supply) form the sale price as per the GST Act.


Standing timber, plant and machinery and household chattels can be quantified as part of the service as well.


Dwelling and curtilage assessments are office-based and don't require inspections.  


If you need to apportion your farmhouse expenses in relation to the 2017 proposed policy changes announced by Inland Revenue, a dwelling curtilage assessment will suit your needs, with less time and expense than other types of more comprehensive valuations or estimates.  Call ruralvalue on 0800778 725 to request a dwelling and curtilage assessment or fill out the online form select Dwelling and Curtilage.

Identifying opportunities

Information is key to making property decisions. Whether your focus is reducing risk or maximising opportunities, or you just want an accurate market assessment for your property, we can help by providing the up to date information you need to make important decisions.

Independence and credibility

As a QV business, Rural Value people will offer advice that draws from a long history in property valuation nationwide. As a market-driven, commercially focused business, we understand the importance of independence and assurance when making any rural property decisions.

Succession planning

We can advise and assist with the complex process of handing over your business to the next in line, with fair and equitable solutions from our experienced valuers.

Rent Reviews and Lease Management

If you have lease properties that require periodic inspections to determine that they are being looked after and managed appropriately within the terms of the lease, we have the expertise to do this on your behalf. Additionally we can provide rental assessments using our knowledge of the local lease market, to determine a fair rental for your properties.

Specialist Advisory Services

Rural Value has a team of pastoral consultants who specialise in providing services for South Island High Country pastoral lease management. This includes reports and recommendations for tenure review, discretionary actions, carrying capacity assessments and miscellaneous pastoral lease/Crown land matters.

Problem solving

Our goal is to provide you with what you need to solve your particular problem or requirement. We will listen to you, ask relevant questions, and provide you with a solution or range of solutions that meets your needs and point you in the right direction for further advice.

Who are the people at Rural Value?

Rural Value pulls together the expertise of a team of registered valuers and consultants that have previously worked under QV and Darroch. We have a passion for agriculture and want to see the NZ rural sector thrive; helping our clients with knowledgeable and innovative advice they can trust to add value to their business.


The Rural Value team is led by a National Manager, David Paterson, and is supported by Principal Consultants Ken Taylor in Alexandra and Ian Bunt in Christchurch. They are in turn supported by rural valuers round the country that can assist you with your property valuation needs.

Read more about our principal advisors

David Paterson is based in Dunedin and draws from over 30 years experience in property valuation, specialising in South Island High Country. As the National Manager of Rural Value, his focus is leading a team that provides consistently high quality product that meets the specialised needs of its clients.


Ken Taylor is Alexandra-based and has nearly 40 years experience in the management of Crown Land specialising in the South Island High Country. Ken is a registered valuer and a registered primary consultant and currently sits on the Valuers Registration Board.


Ian Bunt has spent over 40 years in the valuation industry, particularly rural, providing valuations and advice to clients across much of New Zealand and the Chatham Islands. Ian also has many years experience acting as legal counsel and expert witness in the District and High Courts, and works from the Christchurch office.